Industrial dry cleaning cloth

Non-woven dry large cloth ,suitable for quickly & easily cleaning and wiping all types of surfaces and appliances.
Ideal for all sorts of institutions:schools,nursery schools,restaurants,factorys,offices hausholed etc..
The cloth is reusable,easily torn ,soft to touch ,can be used dry or wet,has a high absorption capability and doesn’t disintegrate in water.

Dry rolls of 100/150 wipes, size 9.85”X7.88”(15X20 cm), 100% Viscose are our top best sellers, especially for household use.
Dry rolls in larger sizes, weights and various material compositions are used mostly by industrial Clients.
Custom 6.6-11Lbs(3-5kg) rolls with different materials are manufactured according to our customers’ exact specifications and needs.
STI can accommodate any size, cut, pattern, mix of materials and weight.